About me

Hi, everybody!

You are on my site , most probably, for two reasons: either you know me personally, or your dream is to change your body and you have decided to address to me. Well, let me introduce myself.

My name is Urfan Ismayilov. I have knowledge in healthy and balanced nutrition; besides, I am internationally certified in various fitness fields…and not only?…

So, if you want to change yourself, lose weight, or , on the contrary, gain muscles, you are on the right way.

Now I have to tell about myself more. I am Urfan Ismayilov, and I have been practicing martial arts for more than 20 years now. For the period, I have been both a student and a coach.  I think of myself as of a student though because, from my point of view, a person stops developing at the moment he says (very often to others) that he knows everything and there is  nothing left for him to learn more. So, apart from practicing karate I studied numerous kinds of martial arts. But it is a different story…

There was a period in my life when I quit exercising. Well, that happens?. As a result, I gained weight. The usual story of intensively practicing athletes that were forced to suddenly stop trainings. First, I did not mind but then one day I realized I could not fasten my trousers on my belly…

Yes, namely belly, because you can hardly give a different name to such a stomach. And concealing from myself that I had grew fat did not make any sense. I had very little time at that period as I was snowed under the business that was taking away all my time. Thus, I did not have any time for workouts. But, as a rule, one can always make his or her own environment.  

I intuitively knew that it was high time I had revised my diet but it was impossible to do efficiently with no special knowledge. So, I started studying books on nutrition. It should be said that I succeeded – not without experiments on myself, as a matter of fact – but progress is impossible without experiments. And, after a while, I was advising my friends who when looking at my body (by that moment I had already lost enough weight) also decided to get in shape.

Mid 90-s…that was a vague time?

However, I didn’t stop on that- I wanted to make my shape even more perfect. The martial arts that I had been practicing before greatly built my muscles and tendons, still some of the groups remained rather ignored. The time came to take care of them , therefore to master fitness delicacies.

My many year experience in martial arts was very helpful in comprehension the principles and benefits of functional training as well as studying and applying the bodybuilding exercise sets. As a result of the work, after a couple of years I developed the principles of my own fitness system which I successfully implement with my clients.

Unfortunately, ethical matters don’t allow me to share the  “Before “and “ After” photos, but just believe that those who went through the system with me reached the results they had been looking for.

So, what is my own fitness system? First of all, this is the optimal combination of healthy diet and physical workouts. The similar approach is not new in fitness and healthy lifestyle. “Then, what is unique in the system?”  –your question may be. “The expected result that you reach by the end of the process” – that is my answer.

Personal approach and diversity of a training program are the guarantee to get exactly what you expect. All the program is developed basing on the goals that you set for yourself and, which is more important, for me. Besides, my many year experience in martial arts makes it possible for me to develop programs especially for those who practice various kinds of the arts at different levels. I guess, this would be particularly beneficial for those who stopped participating in contests but want to stay functional after the career completion.

Well, that is all? Good luck!